Knowledge Management

Knowledge management helps companies leveraging on knowledge and expertise to optimize their business value chain.

Knowledge and information are strategic assets for every business. Collecting, categorizing, retrieving and sharing information throughout the company is crucial to implement a collaboration-based model and leverage the collective wisdom of your team and the insights coming from every single customer.
Nowadays, many companies have access to massive and detailed internal knowledge bases. However, having access to this information doesn’t guarantee that those companies are able take full advantage of it.
Istella is focused on helping companies to create advanced knowledge management systems. We collaborate with our customers to organize and integrate processes, leverage internal assets for business transformation and achieve full workflow optimization.


Large amounts of knowledge are of little use without an effective categorization procedure that can identify the appropriate structure for organizing and accessing information easily. Storing information in a logically organized form allows customers to access and use internal knowledge resources more efficiently. Therefore, an effective categorization will make knowledge management smart. Automatic categorization is faster, more reliable and cheaper than other solutions that require human intervention. Based on advanced data analytics technology, the categorization engine can analyze a set of sample documents and learn autonomously how to classify documents based on content and organize them within categories that best fit your business structures and processes. The categorization engine can work in a continuous cycle, learning from the enterprise internal knowledge base and adapting its future predictions to be always up-to-date with the evolution of data and workflow.


Nowadays, data acquisition and storage are no longer a problem. The real challenge is to make knowledge and data quickly accessible, easy to discover and easy to update.
Whatever your search needs are, Istella has the right solution. Based on many years of experience in Information Retrieval, Istella customizes its search engine for specific types of data and information needs of the customers.
We provide web and enterprise search tools for customers across a wide range of sectors including news, e-commerce, digital publishing, and Internet services. Istella custom search supports multiple types of documents and multimedia resources.
We have built a crawler application and a full-text search engine offering performance, flexibility and scalability. The Istella search tool can be fully customized for specific types of data or information needs of our customers.


While Information Retrieval deals with the problem of connecting people to knowledge, Information Filtering is important in order to connect knowledge to people.
Traditional search engines only retrieve information based on user input in the form of queries. Filtering systems assist users by filtering huge amount of data and providing relevant information, according to users’ interests and needs. Filtering can be used, for instance, to build recommendation systems or content discovery platforms where filtered information comes in the form of suggestion for the user.