Large Language Models


A New Frontier in Multilingual AI


Unrivaled Language Comprehension and Generation

Empowering precision in multilingual contexts: At Istella, we’re pioneering the development of cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) with an exceptional capability. Our models are trained on a rich blend of English documents, alongside extensive and carefully curated Italian datasets. This innovative approach ensures that our LLMs not only excel in managing tasks in English but also achieve unparalleled accuracy in understanding and generating Italian text, thereby setting a new standard for language models.


Tailored excellence in Italian linguistics

Precision beyond generalization: the cornerstone of Istella’s LLMs lies in their language-specific focus. Unlike generalized language models that strive to cover as many languages as possible, our models are finely tuned with a sharp focus on the Italian language. This dedication enables them to surpass the performance of general models in terms of accuracy, fluency and contextual understanding when engaging with Italian, making them an unparalleled asset for any application requiring nuanced linguistic capabilities.


A Foundation built on extensive Datasets

A wealth of knowledge at Your fingertips: the backbone of Istella’s prowess in language modeling is our extensive datasets, encompassing over a trillion tokens. This vast amount of data powers the creation of highly sophisticated models. With such a deep foundation our LLMs not only perform exceptionally well in English, but stand out in their ability to generate and understand Italian language, assuring the way for groundbreaking applications in multilingual AI.


Embracing Continuous Evolution

IAdapting to the future: In the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence, staying ahead means  refining and advancing continuously. Istella is at the forefront of this journey, with our automated model fine-tuning pipelines. These systems ensure that Istella’s LLMs can adapt and enhance their performance over time, perfectly aligning with the dynamic needs of businesses and the pace of technological progress.


A revolution on  human-computer interaction

Conversing with the Future: Istella LLMs are not just about understanding and generating text; they are specifically trained to redefine the benchmark for state-of-the-art interactions in human natural language. This commitment to excellence opens up new horizons for chat interactions, where Istella’ s models facilitate intuitive and deeply engaging conversations, bridging the gap between humans and machines like never before.