The company

Unleashing the Power of Data: Istella’s Journey from Search Expertise to AI Innovation

Istella stands at the forefront of Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval, harnessing our deep expertise to manage and analyze vast datasets. Our proprietary technology powers some of Europe’s most advanced data crawling and managing platforms, delving into billion web documents and sifting through hundreds of millions of multimedia files, news articles and social media interactions to uncover insights and drive innovation.

Core Strengths: Human Talent and Technological Prowess

Human Talent

Our strength lies in our people – a highly skilled team with over two decades of experience in search technology, data management and analysis, committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in data science and AI.

Hardware Infrastructure

Istella’s technological backbone is one of Europe’s largest Big Data infrastructures, featuring 350 dedicated servers, 20.000 cores, 200TB of RAM and 2 Petabytes of storage capacity. This formidable setup empowers our platform to index web pages across 500 categories and attach over 400 signals to each, enabling nuanced analysis and understanding.

Software Components

Our advanced tools and proprietary algorithms for Natural Language Processing, Real-Time Data Analysis, Prediction and Machine Learning set us apart. Istella holds international patents on machine learning acceleration techniques, marking a significant leap forward in AI capabilities.

Datasets and the Istella Knowledge Graph

Owning extensive datasets—including web documents, social interactions, news articles and multimedia content—positions Istella uniquely in the data-rich landscape. Our structured and ever-evolving Istella Knowledge Graph maps out billions of connections across diverse entities, laying the groundwork for sophisticated AI applications.

The Generative AI Revolution

Generative AI

Generative AI has become the bedrock of modern AI applications, with LLMs (Large Language Models) at its heart, driving innovation across industries. Istella is uniquely positioned to spearhead the Italian market’s journey towards embracing Italian-native LLMs and the broader generative AI revolution.


Our models, trained on a rich blend of English and meticulously curated Italian datasets, showcase unmatched proficiency in understanding and generating Italian text, navigating the complexities of language with ease and accuracy.

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