Web Data


Leveraging Open Data for Advanced Analytics

At istella SpA, we stand at the forefront of digital innovation, leveraging our proprietary technology to create one of Europe’s most comprehensive Big Data Search and Analytics platforms. Our mission is clear: to gather and analyze the vast ocean of online data, turning it into actionable insights for our customers.


Open Data Sources: The Foundation of Knowledge

In the era of information, open data sources have emerged as invaluable assets for enhancing proprietary datasets and constructing robust knowledge graphs. Recognizing this, istella diligently taps into a wide array of open data repositories. These open data sources, combined with our technology, enable us to refine our products and outcomes, delivering unmatched value to our customers


The Istella Platform: A Technological Marvel

The istella technology platform is a marvel of modern engineering, designed to crawl, analyze, enrich and index the web’s vast expanses. Our infrastructure spans:
Over 350 physical servers
20,000 cores
2 Petabytes of disk space

    Every day, our platform processes:
    150 million web documents
    2 million social network interactions
    10,000 images
    40,000 videos
    20,000 news articles

    This relentless data acquisition fuels our historical archive, which boasts over 40 million news articles and 4 billion social interactions.


    Cutting-Edge Technology for Unparalleled Insights

    Istella is not just about data collection; it’s about insight. We employ advanced machine learning techniques, holding international patents that set new standards for information retrieval and semantic analysis. Our state-of-the-art technologies include:
    Semantic Analysis: Understanding the meaning behind data.
    Process Automation: Efficiently handling vast datasets.
    Classification: Organizing data for better access.
    Automatic Annotation: Adding metadata to text and multimedia content for deeper insights.


    Empowering Businesses with Data

    Leveraging the istella platform, companies and users can extract valuable insights for both Business Intelligence and Data Analytics activities. Our technology empowers you to make informed decisions, backed by the most comprehensive data analysis capabilities available today.
    Join us in exploring the potential of big data and open data sources. Together, we can uncover the insights that will drive the future of business and innovation.