Cognitive Analytics

Having created one of the most complex search engines currently available in Europe,  istella is the ideal partner to organize your data, structured and unstructured, and to extract all the value from them.

Enterprises collect and aggregate large amounts of data from very diverse sources. Cognitive analytics can be used to bridge the gap between large volumes of information and the need to make decisions in real time.

Cognitive Analytics, inspired by how the human intelligence applies to certain tasks, can overcome some limitations of the human cognition, processing massive amount of data for discovering the hidden insight. The process is made of autocorrecting and evolving algorithms for continuous learning.

Combining advanced intelligent technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, Cognitive Analytics can detect critical patterns, make predictions and support business decisions.

More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of data to make strategic decisions, leveraging intelligent technology to transform knowledge into economic value and competitive advantage.

istella helps its customers exploring the possibilities of cognitive analytics to implement their business transformation, deploying cognitive analytics tools and services to exploit high volumes of structured and unstructured data.