istella SpA owns the technology through which one of the most extensive Big Data Search and Analytics systems currently available in Europe has been created. The Istella platform crawls, analyzes, enriches and indexes more than 10 billions of Web documents, multimedia content (Videos, Images), News and social networks interactions. The system leverages on an hardware infrastructure composed of more than 350 physical servers, 15,000 cores and 2 Petabytes of disk space.

The data is constantly updated and processed in order to extract valuable information on sites (traffic, relevance, social presence, etc.), people, companies, events, products, etc. Each single day Istella crawls and analyzes over 150 million Web documents , 2 million interactions on social networks, 10,000 images, 40,000 videos and 20,000 news. The system has accumulated an historical archive of over 20 million news and 1 billion social interactions.

Starting from the data collected within the Istella platform, users and companies can extract valuable insights for both Business Intelligence and Data Analytics activities. Istella owns international patents on advanced machine learning techniques and has state-of-the-art technologies for Information Retrieval, Semantic Analysis, Process Automation, Classification and automatic annotation of text and multimedia content.