Custom Search

istella has the skills and expertise necessary to create state-of-the-art semantic search systems, implementing the best technologies for analysis, query suggestion and correction, ranking, content clustering, text and multimedia content integration, as well as management of highly scalable big data systems.

The istella team is composed of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the field of search engines, knowledge management, information retrieval and natural language processing.

Leveraging on the Istella technology, one of the most advanced search engines currently available in Europe has been created: the Istella platform crawls, indexes and searches over 6 billion web documents, videos and images ( and updates more than 150,000,000 new documents a day.

The istella engine can index digital content that is distributed on multiple sources, manages the creation of incremental indexes, supports operations for merge and deletion, and manages hundreds of different document formats. It also provides full-text search functionalities, in simple and advanced mode (support for boolean operators, phrase-search, facets, clustering, etc.).

The istella technology for semantic analysis allows the customization of indexing features and retrieval functions according to the customers’ needs (automatic clustering of search results within taxonomies, creation of specific ranking criteria, etc.).

The system also provides multilingual support, automatic identification and management of specific “named entities” (events, things, people), autocomplete, spell checking and query suggestion.